The Different Types of Therapy Dogs

You need to Learn everything about therapy dogs. There are several types of therapy dogs, each with its own unique training, certifications, and roles. These include:

Pet Therapy Dogs: Pet therapy dogs are trained to provide comfort and support to individuals in a variety of settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and disaster areas.

Service Therapy Dogs: Service therapy dogs are trained to assist individuals with physical or mental disabilities, providing support with daily tasks such as mobility, balance, and emotional well-being.

Facility Therapy Dogs: Facility therapy dogs are trained to work in a specific setting, such as a hospital or nursing home, providing comfort and support to patients, residents, and staff.

Disaster Response Therapy Dogs: Disaster response therapy dogs are trained to provide support in the aftermath of natural disasters, helping individuals affected by traumatic events.

Each type of therapy dog plays a unique role in bringing comfort and support to those in need. By understanding the different types of therapy dogs, you can make informed decisions about which type of therapy dog work is best suited for you and your furry companion.

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